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Financial Advisers have now been around for over 100 years. Like the educational system in  majority of nations around the world, little has changed in the way things are done, most changes are purely in regulation and governance, not innovation. 

The yachting industry is unique in pretty much every aspect. That is why the yachting industry has to be approached from a completely different angle. Tom Worthington, founder of Platinum Fx started working as an IFA in 2011 for the Spectrum IFA Group. He was the youngest person to ever sit his CeFa exams at the time, just 17 years old and the youngest adviser to ever join Spectrum IFA group. After he left his studies, he started working in the diving industry, including charters on superyachts. He subsequently made a lot of friends and contacts in the yachting industry at all levels, owners and crew. 

As he went back into finance and  started talking with friends and contacts, he realized that many of the "products and schemes" being sold to yacht crew were not designed for their unique situation.  Instead they were being sold traditional products that had been re named to appeal to yacht crew. Most of these were inappropriate for their situation.

Tom got head hunted by a hedge fund in the UK and after careful consideration he accepted the offer, his role now is client relations within Nordhoff investments and a consultant to various financial institutions, he has subsequently designed various products specifically for yacht crew and super yacht owners.

In Short, all our offerings are deigned to meet yacht crew needs rather than getting yacht crew to accept traditional options.